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How I Work 8-12 Hours a Day without Being Tired and Make Money too…(5 Key Steps)

May 16, 20243 min read

During my workshops and coaching programs, many people always ask me how I maintain such high energy levels throughout the day.

There are also days when I can work from 8am till midnight and still feel great at the end, so I will share some of the most essential steps I do today. Enjoy!

5 Daily Needle Movers

Every day, I focus on just 5 key activities to grow my business; they usually take 2 hours or less.

I can be traveling, enjoying myself for the rest of the day, or just chilling around. As long as I complete these five activities, I know I am well on my way to achieving my $50,000/month plan while saving lots of energy, time, and effort.

Over the years, I have learned that choosing the right things to focus on is more important than working hard.

My $100K Productivity System

This is one of the most important modules I share with clients when starting out.

Most people say they want high energy and focus levels but never have a clear game plan.

If you want my proven strategy and system, which has worked for the past five years, you can check out my $100K productivity system full training for free (link in comments).


I don’t get burnt out or overwhelmed because I only have a few key priorities every 90 days.

In short, I say No to the Good Things to say Yes to the Great.

Every 90 days, I strategize my biggest needle-moving activities that can help me achieve my goals as effectively as possible, 5-10Xing my growth with a fraction of the effort.

Loving What I Do

Besides my usual travels with my wife and loved ones, my best days come when I am doing work I feel energized, fulfilled, and passionate about.

Even though all I need is about two hours each day, I still choose to work many more hours than that because I actually enjoy what I do; time passes by fast when that happens.

For example, I enjoy creating posts, crafting step-playbooks, and coaching clients to help them achieve the best versions of themselves - doing all these while getting paid is an amazing bonus.

I feel MORE energized when doing the above, not less.

Tools, Templates & Scripts

I can achieve way more with less because I have stopped looking for “new information” all the time.

Instead, I invest in proven tools, templates, and scripts to help me implement and get results as quickly as possible without wasting my mental energy to “figure out” what exactly I need to do.

Gone is the age of watching hours of videos or attending live workshops that do not support how you implement what you learned—that just usually leads to massive information overload and overwhelm.

This is also why I have created 40+ playbooks (and counting) for my clients. They can read and follow the step-by-step guide (with examples) and get almost immediate results.


P.S. Would anyone like to access a complete breakdown of my 2 Hour to 6 Figures System (exact habits & activities) that helped grow my lifestyle business, which I still use today even when I’m travelling or previously as an employee?

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Daily Insights on Building a Lucrative Lifestyle Business

Join 2.2k+ readers to learn the exact strategies, tools & tactics I've used to make >$4M as a digital marketer, generate >$300K for my side hustle, & build a multiple 6-figure lifestyle business...while helping other clients do the same.